The absolute greatest thing EVER happened! My, now fiance, Eric asked me to marry him…on the red bridge*…and I was wearing a SpiritHood…and there were sea lions down below the bridge…swimming. And we have pictures of THAT moment!

Attention Selena Gomez, you just invested in the best company EVER!

Postcard on the Run preview

So…after the magic moment, naturally I posted and shared with all of my social media accounts. Hmmm, I’ll be honest, in my excitement I didn’t immediately call my family and they were less than pleased. But…crisis averted, calls made, people forgiven. Except, my grandma. She’s 86 and hasn’t realized the magic of #Apple and the world wide web just yet. She prefers mail to calling.

So when I heard about the FREE Postcard on the Run app on Twitter I downloaded right after I sent a “woohoo” text to @POSTCARDing expressing my gratitude (to which they promptly responded with a thank you). It might’ve taken two minutes before I was opening the app and gearing up to send my grandma the best postcard of my LIFE. Oh…for $0.99. Postcard on the Run is the perfect solution to the busy techy with moments to share and not enough time in the day.
(Download now at

Postcard on the Run previewUnfortunately, I wish that I could have a LOT of moments for life (shout out to @NICKIMINAJ1Luv). My phone was packed with 10,000 pictures. Everything from Norbert, the Gnome on his epic vacations to the view from the 86th floor on the Empire State Building gets shared with random @Foursquare, @Instagram and tweeting people. When I touched the “Use Existing Photo” button the app froze. I sent a reply back to @POSTCARDing about what had appened and they responded right away reassuring me that they wouldn’t sleep until the problem was fixed. We sent a few emails back and forth and agreed that the number of images might be causing the freeze. It turns out 10,000 great moments on an #iPhone will not only cause your phone to randomly rebuild the image library on occasion but will also freeze the Postcard on the Run app like nobody’s business. Aside from the initial freezing on behalf of my picture hoarding there wasn’t a downside to this app.

On the cup half full side, Postcard on the Run is a low cost way to send personalized postcards to people you care about. The interface is intuitive, the app is available on the app store. It’s fast and it’s easy to download and use. The attention to detail and level of customer service is amazing. On the security side, your information isn’t stored. In terms of quality, if an image is used that isn’t high enough resolution, the app will reject it, ensuring that when your reader gets the card, they see a sharp and professional looking postcard that you can sign, add a personal message to and preview before sending. My grandma’s going to be super excited!

I’m probably going to be an addict so, send me your address. I’ll send you a postcard.

And, if you love that wolf hat, you can buy one at