Policies & Supervision


The number one priority for the Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour is safety and well-being for students. Any behavior detrimental to the safety or enjoyment of the experience will not be tolerated.


The Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour has a full staff of qualified supervisors on-duty at all times during the program. There is a ratio of 1 counselor to 8 students. All of our counselors and teaching assistants are Native American professionals who are at least twenty-one years of age and have strong leadership skills and experience. The Tour provides a full schedule of activities until 9 pm. All students, regardless of supervision level, must check in with their supervisor by 10:30pm. Our supervisors make rounds and conduct sporadic room checks after lights-out at 11pm. Students are not allowed in the rooms of members of the opposite sex.

Signing out with a family member

If parent/guardian would like to sign out a student for any period of time (for example to go out to dinner with Auntie Alice who lives in Warm Springs), we require a completed Parental Consent for Student to Leave Form.
This form should be signed and faxed (or e-mailed) to our office 48 hours prior to the sign-out time. The form details to whom we should release the student, when the student should be released and for how long, and a contact number where the student will be. Students must notify a supervisor upon departure and return. Students must be back no later than check-in (10:30pm).

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited on all our campuses. Counselors have the right to search for illegal substances. Students who violate this policy will be immediately expelled from the program. If student is expelled, it is the responsibility of the parent to pick-up the student from the Tour.

Cancellation Policy

The Tour reserves the right to cancel or alter some aspect of a program, including program itinerary, dates, location or duration, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or for any other reason. The Tour is not responsible for costs incurred by a student’s family in preparing for a program that is altered or cancelled. Student and parent/guardian acknowledge that if student is dismissed or departs for any reason, or chooses to return early from the program, no refunds can be granted. Further, student and parent/guardian are responsible for any and all costs of early departure whether for medical reasons, dismissal, personal emergencies or otherwise. These costs include, but may not be limited to medical evacuation and costs, medical treatment, plane, train, taxi or bus fare, meals, accommodations, and compensation and expenses for staff that may accompany student. Parent/guardian should understand that staff might not accompany students leaving early for any reason on any part of their trip home. In addition, if parent/guardian cannot be reached when and if their teen returns home early, the Emergency Contact Person designated on your Health History Form will be contacted for notification and communication purposes.

Communication Policy

During the program, the Tour Lead Counselor is reachable by phone and e-mail twenty-four hours a day. Illness and problems are handled immediately and the family is always contacted directly. For non-emergency communication, we request that you email EnergyTour@redbridgeonline.com directly, and our staff will respond in a timely manner.