About the Tour!

We’re just trying to change the world, one road trip at a time. With 567 tribes across the US and 5% of the nation’s natural resources on tribal reservations, energy savvy tribal communities are in a position to partner and lead market transformation in the energy and technology industries. The mission of the Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour is to empower Native American students to educate their communities about energy and technology opportunities by introducing them to existing tribal-owned projects across the nation.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Educate tribal youth about technology, renewable energy, tribal utilities, micro-grid solutions, energy-efficiency, IoT, AR, VR, datacenters, and careers in energy and technology.
  • Promote awareness by encouraging tribal youth to engage their families and communities in discussions about what they’ve learned.
  • Promote sustainability through use of environmentally-friendly marketing methods and materials, and alignment with mission-driven partners.
  • Promote pride in Native American advances into new technology and energy by providing opportunities to introduce tribal youth to impactful energy projects owned by Native Americans, both regionally and across the US.
  • Improve knowledge of other tribal cultures and projects by teaming students in projects and discussions to broaden perspectives.
  • Expand partnership potential by including energy stakeholders at all levels in sponsorship and educational approaches and encouraging them to facilitate learning experiences with students.
  • Build community support for tribal energy and tech through social media channels.
  • Generate awareness of existing tribal role models by introducing students to project owners and Native American 40 Under 40 recipients.

Be a part of the nation’s first FREE Inter-Tribal road tour committed to educating tomorrow’s tribal leadership on energy, technology, and partnerships!

If you’re a student from one of the Participating Tribes, take a minute to fill out the Online Application.
If you’re an organization that would like to sponsor, we have a range of Sponsorships to choose from.
If you’re a tribe with an energy project you’d like to share, send us an email. We’re interested in sharing your projects — even if you’re on the East Coast!