Project Description

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home energy audit programs are created to encourage homeowners to make upgrades to their homes to preserve energy. Homeowners are educated on the benefits of high-performance equipment upgrades and offered incentives and energy-savings.

The Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program materials were designed to appeal to a commitment to heritage and preserving the environment for future generations. Messaging was consistent with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR materials that are distributed and marketed nationally. Imagery and icons reflected savings, heritage and familiar Utah landmarks.

All materials were created for print and web. Printed pieces were sourced through FSC vendors using recycled paper products. A suite of materials included:

  • Web Ads
  • Coloring pages to distribute to kids at events
  • Web maintenance and updates
  • Postcards
  • Flash Ads
  • Bill Inserts
  • Brand Assessment
  • Product Marketing

Materials designed by Shannon Hulbert while employed at PECI. Shannon was lead designer after a series of designers. Role in materials development included a brand assessment to realign materials under original look and feel concepts for culture and preservation. Only materials designed by Shannon Hulbert are included.