Project Description

Energy-efficiency product programs are created to encourage consumers to reduce energy consumption through education and behavioral change. Customers are offered an incentive for purchasing high-performance products that reduce energy consumption.

The Blue Envelope Promotion encouraged program participation from consumers and retail staff. Participation was outlined in a simplified 3-step process. Materials were created and distributed to retailers to motivate a combined effort between buyer and seller. Messaging was consistent with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR materials that are distributed and marketed nationally. Product clings were created to mark qualified models.

All materials were created for print and web. Printed pieces were sourced through FSC vendors using recycled paper products. A suite of materials included:

  • Consumer Facing Posters
  • Retailer Training Posters
  • Blue Envelope (doubled as an entry ticket)
  • Product Static Clings

Materials designed by Shannon Hulbert while employed at PECI. Shannon was lead designer.