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    Green Data Centers: Environmental Stewards Within the Tech Industry

Green Data Centers: Environmental Stewards Within the Tech Industry

Once upon a time, there were flip phones that allowed you to exchange tiny pictures with a few people. Data wasn’t an issue back then. But today we have a multitude of devices that take high resolution videos and pics and we share our lives with each other via uploads of data, streaming across the world wide web (don’t stop by the way – I love your updates). The result? Data is compiling at unprecedented rates. And that means power consumption. At unprecedented rates.

In 2013 alone, data centers consumed an estimated 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. By 2020, that number is expected to grow to 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually. At a time when nations around the world have reached a collaborative agreement to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change, energy consumption and sources are key.

Data centers operators around the world are taking the lead to keep up with the demand for energy in ways that not only meet demand, but are efficient and environmentally-friendly by greening the data center from the inside out.

Design and Construction: It’s not just about finding a building and turning it into a data center. For new and existing buildings, companies are incorporating measures that address how to utilize the space to get the most use for the least consumption of resources. The first data center to achieve LEED certification did so in 2005. Since then, more and more builders are incorporating methods like improved cooling efficiency, clean backup power, green construction, and intelligent design to build and recommission sustainable data centers from start to finish.
Renewable Energy: Around the world data centers are harnessing the power of natural resources. From purchasing renewable energy credits to on-site installations. Salesforce […]

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What’s Fueling the Tech Revolution?

“An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is.”
– Steve Jobs
In 2007, we were introduced to the first iPhone. It’s campaign slogan was, “This is only the beginning.” You remember that, right? It was like yesterday and it was WHOA at first site and created a tech revolution that changed the world as we knew it.

Today, our lives are digital and analog, and new and better ways to connect to each other and the world around us are everywhere. The expansion potential continues to be huge. Yesterday, we came together over in awe over a new phone. Today, revolutionary tech is just waiting to bring the world together to replace current technology with a new generation of amazing.

So, what’s fueling the revolution? Everything. Every facet of our worlds has reached the right time and place to create the perfect storm for advancement.

More devices, more data.

Wearables, homes, mobile, and cars are coming online faster than ever. Connected devices are the new life hack – they count the steps we take, map the way, dim the lights, organize our thoughts, and provide a billion ways to digitally share our lives with each other.

The information collected, in turn, is providing valuable insights that will drive future development and help to create snapshots of society and user behaviors as a whole.

Drones are here.

They’re taking selfie stick and RC helicopters to Heisenberg levels. They’re also being utilized for government and commercial use. 2015 ended with mandatory drone registration and has sparked the rise of a whole new set of regulations and data tracking industry.

More data is […]

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Native American Students Tour Five States to Explore the Best in Energy and Technology

Native American Students Tour Five States to Explore the Best in Energy and Technology
PORTLAND, OR — August 2015 – On August 15, students representing tribes from Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho will depart from Portland, Oregon on the third annual Inter-tribal Energy & Tech Tour. The Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour is the nation’s first summer camp committed to educating tomorrow’s tribal leadership on energy, technology, and partnership potential.
Students were selected by application process to participate in a memorable 9-day tour of state-of-the-art energy and technology organizations in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada. The Tour was launched in 2013 by Redbridge, Inc., an 8a Certified, Native American owned marketing services company based in Portland.
The mission of Redbridge’s Energy & Tech Tour is to introduce tribal youth to state-of-the-art energy and technology projects and generate awareness for tribal organizations that are active in the industry.

This year, students will visit to learn how people and projects from these progressive organizations are changing the world.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – World-class programs and capabilities at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory span one square mile, what many consider to be “the smartest square mile on Earth”
SUPERNAP Data Centers – Award-winning Tier IV Gold SUPERNAP data centers are certified as the highest-ranking colocation data centers in the world and are maintained by the highest-rated mission critical operations teams
Southern California Edison – One of the nation’s largest electric utilities, delivering power to 15 million people in 50,000 square-miles across central, coastal and Southern California, SCE is also the first utility in the nation to create a Tribal Liaison position dedicated to advancing utility and tribal energy partnerships
and more!

For generations, tribes have practiced sustainability and environmental preservation. Today, with over 5% of […]

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    Shannon’s Top 5 in Energy & Tech (Week in Review from July 20th)

Shannon’s Top 5 in Energy & Tech (Week in Review from July 20th)

What a great week for energy and technology – everything from ice cream to ludicrous mode!
I was road tripping this past week from Portland to Arizona and back, but I believe that in the middle of great coffee and finding yourself under bridges you should make time to take it all in. And there was a TON of amazing happening in the fields of energy and technology. How can I NOT share my favs with you?! If you’re into energy and tech, maybe you’ll be fascinated too!

Either way, here are the top 5 things that I found mind blowing:

1. Vermont, you’ve done it AGAIN!

I’m in serious love with all the progressive movement this state continues to generate. This past week, Burlington Electric Department announced that they’re providing residents energy using 100% green power! The utility company is utilizing innovative mixes from multiple resources to deliver green power to over 40,000 residents. Their renewable portfolio includes biomass, wind, solar, hydropower and natural gas. And, because Vermont continues to raise the bar and surprise the nation with it’s efforts, in February, they began installation of a 500-kilowatt rooftop solar panel on the Burlington International Airport parking garage. So, yay, Vermont.. I can’t even wait to see what you come up with next!

2. What could be better than Ben & Jerry’s on a summer afternoon?

Try Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, delivered by a Tesla.. and sharing a commitment to change the world! Yessss!

Yup, in the spirit of sustainable marketing efforts, Ben & Jerry’s has teamed up with THE electric car company to spread awareness and inspire the world to get involved in the global climate change movement. To prove how they’re walking their talk, the Vermont-based company converted […]

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Drones. Are they poised to take over the universe?

Remember that first time you ever watched I, Robot and the robots started to take over? Me too.
I don’t have cable, but last week I happened to be staying in a hotel in my very favorite city in the US and “I, Robot” was playing on one of the channels. Have you seen it? It’s the movie where Will Smith is living in a future where artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that robots are in every household and assisting humans on all levels of day-to-day activities. In the movie, everyone except Will Smith has come to accept the integration of artificial intelligence as the norm. Will maintains that without the ability to feel and think freely, robot “logic” makes them untrustworthy to make decisions regarding the health and welfare of human lives. In the end he’s right and the robots make the decision that as humans we’re our own worst enemy and therefore need to be contained to keep us from harming ourselves further. Anyway, good movie.

Watching the movie led me to think about the drone controversy and how people fall on opposite ends of the argument. Some are excited about the idea of this new technology and the possibilities, while others are skeptical and concerned about how drones are being integrated into our lives. I love technology, but the subject of drones left even me a little apprehensive. So, I set out with a list of questions and have Googled, listened to presentations, and attended drone events to learn as much as possible about the subject.

How are drones being used?
What are some of the positives?
What challenges they’re facing?
What’s next?

Current Use
If the question is who’s doing what with drones right now, the […]

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Play Ball! (And Other Effective Methods of Presenting.)

Discovering Effective Ways to Present Information

He took the stage at the Portland Business Journal event, waited for silence and then said something like, “My mother was a drug addict, I grew up poor and a red ball saved my life and now I’m here to change yours.”

In that one sentence, Kevin Carroll had my undivided attention and the attention of the other 200+ people in the room for the next hour. And when he’d finished his story, the entire room was different. A red ball really can change lives!

It’s amazing what can happen when you bring together the right audience with the right content. If what you say makes people think, act or begin to dialogue, then you can say you’ve found your red ball.

One key component to getting your message out to the audience depends on the type of presentation you choose to deliver the subject matter. There are multiple ways to deliver content. When you begin planning for your presentation, clarify your presentation objectives by considering these questions;

What type of information is being presented?  Is it a process or project? Does it involve multiple stakeholders?
Who is the audience? Are they familiar with the subject matter? What information might they be looking for based on their role in a similar process?
What information or knowledge would you like the audience to walk away with? Do you want them to feel informed? Heard?
How do you want to communicate with the audience? Are you looking for feedback? Do you want to discuss the project or process with them?

Once your objectives are clear, determine what presentation type will most effectively deliver your information and satisfy the objectives.

Discussion Panels

If you’re subject matter involves multiple stakeholders who’ve each played […]

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    The Entrepreneurial Path Unfolding: 3 Questions from Cre8Con 2011

The Entrepreneurial Path Unfolding: 3 Questions from Cre8Con 2011

“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy – this is success!”
– Sasha Azavedo

Eight successful entrpreneurs presented at @Cre8Con 2011. They each spoke about obstacles they overcame and the approaches they took that turned their passions into success. Each of the panelists have transformed what fuels their fire into fruitful business ventures and the resulting work is…phenomenal!

Was it an easy path for any of the eight panelist? No. The deep story behind all the successes was the same; Each had tried and failed miserably and more than once in many cases. So why were they successful? How did it work for them when so many people go to work every day at “jobs” that they find unrewarding.

The common denominator in each presenter was that they had all identified what it was they were truly passionate about and made a decision to pursue it no matter what the obstacle. Each person experienced a moment where, after failure, they stopped and reassessed what they were doing and why it wasn’t working. In some instances, they were trying to please other people instead of staying true to their passion. Some were stuck in the rut of doing what historically worked initially for fear of being unsuccessful at the next thing. Some spent lengths of timeaway to reconnect and just be…listening to their inner voice to learn what they needed to do to be the best them that they could be.

How many people give up after trying and failing once, or even twice? What if they stuck it out? What potentially amazing life works can […]