4 Seriously Inspiring Tweeters From Today

I wake up at 5am, just so I can do absolutely nothing but be inspired by Twitter for a minimum of 2 hours every morning. And, so far so good. There are some seriously inspiring things being said between the hours of 5 to 7am. Here are my favs from this morning’s lounge-about-and-stretch-like-a-cat session.

1. @ruhanirabin

Today’s tweet: “Because your heart is so beautiful, everything looks beautiful to you.” ~ Japanese proverb

You can’t read this and NOT just look around and love life! So many people spend so much time focusing on the negative, when, for every negative there is a positive. You really can choose what you focus on. Choose the beautiful stuff. It makes your heart smile and you can truly look around and say, What a Wonderful World. Thanks @ruhanirabin – for the reminder to focus on important things.

2. @MichaelReagan. His Twitter bio says he gets stuff done before 8am.

Today’s tweet: “Finished Boot Camp. Worked out on the TRX system again today. Amazing way to exercise!”

So, this morning, while lounging and reading this, I sent him a quick, “Good job!” It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be doing any TRX (what is that anyway?), but tomorrow morning…I’ll be take a quick jog around the neighborhood. So thank you @MichaelReagan, for the inspiration. Cheers to good health – and leading by example. :)

3. @celestialbeard

Today’s tweet: “when I approach the 140 character limit I start typing more quietly (but not slower) in the hopes that twitter won’t notice”

Inspiring for two reasons…1.) Hello! Celestial Beard? You KNOW you can’t have a name like that without having something along the lines of Led Zepplin. I hope hope hope he posts a pic of that…soon. Oh, and 2.) Clearly a rebel! He’s not afraid to test the limits – maybe timidly…but still testing nonetheless. I like this. MUCH. Thank you inspiring rebel with heavenly facial hair!

4. @FasTake

Today’s tweet: “@FasTake: 5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Office Buildings of the Future http://fstk.it/q1RdW

So, my thing about large commercial buildings is that they account for about 18% of energy use and the average building has a life span of about 40-50 years. So, I’m inspired by anyone who’s leading the industry in energy-efficient building design and sustainability. Earth is a pretty cool blue and green marble and we all like oxygen, so…cup up to little footprints and eco-friendliness in any form. :)

The moral of the morning – stretch, look on the bright side, be good to your body, test boundaries, and don’t forget to love the planet. That’s a pretty great morning, ya? :)