A BILLION* people have come together to share their insights, experience, knowledge and, in some instances, food, for the benefit of tribal youth. That’s how important they are to the future of Native Americans, and our nation.

The Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour was made possible with funding, hospitality, Letters of Support, and knowledge lovingly provided by:


Opus Interactive

Portland General Electric

Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises

Smith River Rancheria

Yakama Nation RV Park

Able Sage

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Nova Corporation

Yurok Tribe

Rio Networks

TWN Wind Power, Inc.

KidWind Project

Yakama Power

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Hoopa Valley Tribe (Letter of Support – Tribal Chairman, Leonard Masten)

Klamath Tribes (Letter of Support – Tribal Councilman, Shawn Jackson)

Oregon Native American Chamber (Letter of Support – President, Herb Fricke)

Portland State University (Letter of Support – Student Activities & Leadership Programs Advisor, Tana Frank)

State of Montana (Letter of Support – Senator, Jonathan Windy Boy)