Personal narrative written by Sarah, the fun-loving, caring best little woman you’ve ever heard write about the red bridge. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree, she’s pretty inspiring. From now on, September 3 will be called San Francisco Day. I love this!

San Francisco Day
By: Sarah Hulbert

It was a sunny summer morning in San Francisco California; it was a hot 90 degree day in the big city of San Francisco. As I got up out of the hotel room bed, changed from my blue pajamas to my blue t-shirt, and my short shorts with the rhinestones. It was our third and last day in San Francisco. We had gone to the bike rental shop to get bikes, it was a clean shop. The shop was teal blue and had white tiles for the floor. There were light green walls with all different types of bikes, all different shapes, colors, and sizes. There was an old fashion bike with purple and pink accents on the wheels. It was a very special day for my dad.

My dad was wearing his blue jeans, black t-shirt, and his funny looking sunglasses. My dad’s girlfriend, Shannon, was wearing her black wolf hat, the short black dress, and her fuzzy black boots. Tyrah and Alex, my little siblings were riding on bikes attached to the adult’s bikes. Tyrah was wearing her pink striped t-shirt with her brown skirt and her rainbow belt. She had her small bike attached to her mom’s, pedaling away on the little orange pedals. Nick, my little bro, was wearing his cool black Tap Out shirt, skinny jeans, and his Nike shoes. He had a little black and gray bike. Antone my big brother was on his own […]