We believe in accountability and visibility.

Redbridge, Inc. is committed to creating a smooth and efficient experience for you that delivers ROI positive programs to meet your sales and revenue goals. In other words, we’re cost-efficient, high-performers…aka rockstars. We work collaboratively – advising while building strong partnerships to get you the most from your marketing dollars. And, we provide visibility across all marketing activities so you’re always in the loop.

  • Annual Marketing Plan
    We collaborate with you annually to establish a marketing plan that supports your annual business goals and serves as a road map for annual activities. Depending on your needs, the plan can be expanded to include communications and social media.
  • Monthly Report
    Once a month, you’ll receive a report that includes results of past projects, status of current projects, upcoming projects and budget balances.
  • Detailed Invoicing
    Invoices are generated with projects listed out individually so you have a full accounting with complete detail for all billing activities.
  • Portfolio
    A quarterly portfolio will be compiled and delivered in digital and print format that includes final files and samples.
  • Project Reporting
    Projects are created and managed through an online collaborative workspace so you’ll always know what stage your project is in to provide feedback and manage approvals.